Tuesday, April 19, 2011

IB Biology and IB Chemistry on enzyme kinetics using pressure and pH sensor

Rate of reaction or enzyme activity can be measured using Vernier Lab Pro Pressure Sensor or pH sensor
Vernier sensors for IA experiments

IA which involves the released of any gases, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide or any change in pressure, Pressure Sensor is used while any change in pH a pH sensor can be used.

Hydrogen Peroxide with catalase can be measured using an oxygen /pressure sensor
Digestion of fat/milk with lipase can be measured using pH sensor.

Some good sample IA for your reference............
Research Question.........
How will changing concentration of hydrochloric acid affect the pressure change due to released of hydrogen gas in a reaction between magnesium ribbon and hydrochloric acid measured using pressure sensor?

Research Question.........
How will changing albumin concentration affect the rate of diffusion of water into a Visking Tubing  containing albumin solution measured using a pressure sensor.
Research Question......
How will changing temperature of pancreatic lipase with bile affect the rate of digestion of milk into glycerol and fatty acids measured using a pH sensor?

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