Tuesday, April 19, 2011

IB Biology and IB Chemistry on enzyme and kinetic experiments for IA

Visible Spectrophotometer for IA experiments in Chemistry and Biology
Below is a sample of my Video tutorial on using Visible spectrophtometer for quantification.
  • Need to calibrate 
  • prepare standard calibration curve
  • prepare a serial dilution
Video on Visible Spectrophotometer and Standard Calibration Curve with Beer Lambert's Law

Sample IA done using Visible Spectrophotometer 
Research question..........
How will changing salt concentration affect amylase activity in its hydrolysis of stach into simple sugar measured using visible spectrophotometer by monitoring its blueblack colouration over time.

Research Question......

How will changing temperature affect the activity of invertase enzyme measured using visible spectrophotometer by monitoring the change in absorbance over time.

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