Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IB Biology and IB Chemistry on Enzymes and Kinetic experiment for IA

 IA Biology/Chemistry on Enzymes and Kinetics done using Vernier Sensor and Logger Pro

Research Question.......

How will changing hydrochloric acid conc affect the rate of reaction due to a change in pressure  (hydrogen gas) in a reaction between magnesium ribbon and acid measured using a Pressure Sensor.

Video Tutorial on Magnesium with Acid using Pressure Sensor
Video Tutorial on Hydrogen Peroxide with catalase enzyme using Pressure Sensor

Tips for successful data collection
  • use test tube of same size ( constant variable )
  • measure initial rate initial average rate
  • let the expt run to collect the base pressure
Finding the slope or gradient using linear regression in Logger Pro.
Initial Rate must be taken for the first 50-100s

Video Tutorial on measuring Initial Rate using linear regression in Logger Pro

 Tips when using data logging with Pressure Sensor
  • Make sure it is time based for 300s
  • Press collect button to obtain the base line pressure
  • Add magnesium ribbon or catalase enzyme
  • Close the cap and pressure will build up
  • Use linear regression to find the gradient for the first 50s
  • This will represent the INITIAL AVERAGE RATE for 50s
  • If possible take instantenous rate at time zero, INITIAL RATE.
  • Perform all trials and compute the initial average rate using linear regression 

All the best on your IA journey.Have fun and learn along the way, find joy in what you do and do it well. If a task is once begun, never leave it till it is done. Be the labor great or small, do it well or  not at all...........


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