Sunday, April 17, 2011

IB Biology Microbes, Proteins and Prions for Option F

Spongiform Encephalopathies
Sheep called scrapie, Cattle called BSE, Humans called CJD.
Caused by protein ( prion protein or PrPSc )
Keywords are
Protein misfold, Prion, Heat stable, Enzyme resistant, CJD, Conformational change, Lack nucleic acid, Proteinaceous particles, From alpha to beta structure, Nervous system, Brain, Alzheimer

Prion Theory/Mad Cow Disease

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Video on Mad Cow Disease in YouTube

Animation in Prion explained.
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Nobel Prize in Medicine 2007 was awarded to Stanley B Prusiner.
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For the discovery of Prions or Proteinaceous
All this time our understanding is that Diseases are caused by bacteria, virus, fungi or parasites which have a GENOME or NUCLEIC ACID  material that is able to replicate. 
Now it is a Protein, without any genomic and unable to replicate

Shows how little we know as Science mysteries unfold with time..................


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